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Renewable Energy Net Metering Solution

Net Metering
CS Limited offers “net metering” - an option where any excess electricity derived from Renewable Energy can be sold back to the utility. Excess electricity produced by a homeowner that is not used can be sold back to the utility company on the grid. Additionally, many customers will soon have the choice of receiving electricity from their utility that has been produced from a non-polluting source (such as solar, wind etc) by paying a slightly higher price for the clean power. This option - called ‘Green Metering’ - is available in countries like America, but in India, this requires several clearances from the respective regulatory authorities. Nevertheless, our Solar Energy solutions are suitably designed - giving the customer the option of having their own Solar Photovoltaic System or Solar Water Heater installed on their home or business premises. Another available choice is a "wireless living" lifestyle, where people use solar energy to live completely independent in their homes or businesses and do not have to rely on the electric grid for power at all.