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Business Overview

Give your business a Green Makeover
cs Any business cycle – whether retail or manufacturing, involves conceptualisation of the product design, translation of the concept to actual products and transporting the products to the end-users, who ultimately disposes of the product after utilization. The entire cycle is totally eco-unfriendly leaving carbon footprints at every stage, finally leading to generation of eco-destroying E-wastes or the other kinds of wastes which are almost invariably not recyclable. Thus every passing year we are gradually progressing to more and more to non-inhabitable earth and its deteriorating environments endangering the lives of not only our own but also charting a doom for the generations to come. Against this grim scenario, Chips and Bytes Solutions (India) Limited, commonly referred as CS Limited, offer a solution with its core philosophy of “Conscious Supererogation” for Greener today and tomorrow. The raison dietre of our existence is to replace the “cradle to grave” cycle of a business operation to “cradle to cradle” cycle.

This transgression to a greener environment is achieved by us at various steps of operation of a business entity. To start with we provide consultancy in identifying the energy waste areas, help in the substitution of conventional energy use by renewable sources, provide automation solutions and finally recycle the wastes to prevent further pollution. The economy generated for the business in the entire process is essentially a bye-product which cannot be ignored due to its size.

In CS Limited, we live Green, think Green and educate Green for a better tomorrow. We practice a methodology to achieve a quantifiable and realistic Green solutions for all your business requirements thereby enabling you not to put a mere lip service but to achieve the “Corporate Social Responsibility” goals as is increasingly being called upon the business entities by the society at large.